Installing the Kash Magento Plugin

Learn how to install the Kash Magento Plugin by following these steps.
  1. Go to your Magento admin console.
  2. Go to Magento Connect by clicking on "System" menu item, then selecting "Magento Connect", then "Magento Connect Manager"
  3. In a new browser tab or window, go to and click on "Install Now". You will see the Kash Magento key, copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Go back to your Magento Connect window and paste the key in the input box where it says "Paste extension key to install", then click "Install".
  5. You will see the extension is ready to install, click the "Proceed" button.

  6. Refresh the cache by logging into the Admin panel, then going to "System" -> "Cache Management" and clicking on "Flush Magento Cache" and "Flush Cache Storage"
  7. The plugin should now be visible in the admin panel under System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods -> Kash Gateway.
  8. Enable the payment method, then fill in the "Title", "Store Name",  "Kash Account ID" and "Kash Server Key" fields and save the config.

 For more help and information on installing extensions, see the Magento Connect website.


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