Why does Kash need login information?
We need login information in order to verify your identity and gather information for our credit analysis algorithms. This information is never shared.

How secure is login information stored in Kash?
Login information is stored securely in a separate infrastructure using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. We only store information needed to ensure our credit analysis algorithms are fast and accurate. Credentials are never shared with Kash’s primary services. Any information not needed is immediately destroyed.

Are my customers at greater risk of someone stealing their identity by using Kash?
No because Kash does not require any personally identifiable information for you to create an account. Your cell phone number and shared secret is all you need to start using Kash. All information gathered by our credit analysis algorithm is anonymized and stored in a secure isolated database.

How can my customers close their Kash Account?
Users can easily close their Kash account by contacting Kash Support at


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